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Welcome to Dramatic Radio is your home for classic Old Time Radio dramatic programs. I am constantly adding new shows and episodes to the station line up. Thank you to those who have taken the time to send your comments in, it means a lot to hear from you. Please continue to send in your feedback as we continue to serve up quality dramatic Old Time Radio programs as this new year continues.

DR Broadcast Status
For the past few months we have been using a combination of a Shoutcast server and Live365 to broadcast our station. When things are working well we send the LIVE feed from our server to a Shoutcast host and Live365. In the case of a power outage or network hiccup the Live365 server fails over to a 40 hour backup. In the case where you are unable to listen here you can head over to that site and pick up our stream. With that said, in the case where you are trying listen at Live365 and find the server is full, you can just as easily listen here at without having to login. We are also available at and if you prefer those sites. Just another way we are working to make sure our broadcast is always available.

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We love to hear from listeners like you. Please take the time to send us a quick note. Good , bad, or just plain silly, we read all emails and try our best to answer all questions.


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